... Hexen auf dieser Welt, die meine Sprache sprechen.

Besuch in Salem

Die Frau ist brillant.

Und ich stimme ihr in jedem Detail zu.

Den besten Absatz möchte ich zitieren:

... It was embarrassing. Embarrassing, yes, and shameful too. Thus why we have one more shining example of why the non-pagan folks can reach the conclusion that we modern witches are all ridiculous nutjobs who like to wave our wands and pretend we’re Samantha Stevens or Albus Dumbledore. How can we expect to be taken seriously? We seek to be recognized and accepted as a legitimate religion and form of spiritual expression, but then have places like Salem filled with fakery and nonsense promoting the "face of witchcraft" to the general public as though it is some sort of theme park? Why couldn't we as real witches have stepped up to the plate, just once, and given the public service announcement without all the patchouli-scented drama?

What if someone set up a shop without all the ridiculousness and gave a free presentation that included something about the reality of what happened at Salem and its impact on the public's views of our modern religion which was slandered in the name of the Puritan agenda or under the influence of some hallucinogenic fungus that contaminated the grain back in the day. We could have a nice, normal, professional group of persons speak up for us, the real witches today, who could say: "No, there were no real witches hung or pressed with rocks in this town in 1642. The Puritans had only allowed fear and suspicion spread in their community and called it by a scapegoat name they all feared, witchcraft. Today, people need not fear witches in their midst and we can explain to you why bad press, as much as bad grain, can lead to irrational conclusion jumping about the motives of your fellow man. Here's what real witchcraft is about...."